Dedicated Customer Teams &
An Agile Service.

Our worldwide presence ensures the timeliness, cost efficiency and compliance adherence required to ensure your production timeliness are met

A Leading Industrial Company.

We continue to pursue that same vision in today's complex, uncertain world, working every day to earn our customers' trust!

Providing Innovative & Sustainable Solutions

As diversified construction management, design-build, and general contracting firm, Indusctic group is recognized as one of the World's leading Industry and Manufacturing 


Reliable, Effective &Technically Advanced Products!

Industic Engineering has been built on engineering excellence crafted through unstinted dedication to quality, innovation and a constant objective to serve the global market & decade young industry expertise.


Accurate Testing Processes

We’ll work with you on your project, large or small. Together we’ll fine-tune your new construction, remodeling or renovation plans.


100% Satisfaction Guarantee

An integrated approach to providing engineering services allows our clients to benefit from the commercial and logistical advantages.


Highly Professional Staff

We are one of the Nations largest automotive parts recyclers and a widely recognized leader utilizing advanced computerized techniques.


Quality Control System

Following the quality of our service thus having gained trust of our many clients.


We are a company committed to improving our products to meet the needs of a diverse range of industries, with the environment at the forefront of our thinking. Our strong focus on product  development has allowed us to present a range of equipment that starts with a concept and ends with a solution.

Our Service

Scheduled servicing and periodic maintenance increases the working life and performance of your equipment investment. Our skilled team are experts in dust collector diagnostics and optimisation.

Servicing and Maintenance

Oil and Gas | Mining, Engineering | Pulp and Paper | Plastics Industries | Furniture and woodworking | Food and Pharmaceutical | Chemical Industries | Renewable Energy | Off Grid Power

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